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How does Insurance work for Non-Profits? This is a common question you might be asking yourself, or you might be a well established non-profit organization in Ohio but still have some unanswered questions regarding your insurance coverage. We specialize in insurance solutions for Non-Profit organizations in the state of Ohio. READ MORE >>

    Winter brings many things. Christmas, puffy coats, hot cocoa and of course, snow. Lots of snow. Snow can be great for cuddling up on the couch with a blanket, some hot cocoa and a movie. Snow can also be really pretty and definitely gets you in the Christmas spirit. READ MORE >>

  One of the best parts of Christmas, if we’re all being honest, is the process of getting ready for it. We love the shopping, the preparation, the feeling of getting excited to see loved ones and quite frankly we all just love doing things that make us feel, “Christmas-y.”  READ MORE >>

You may have purchased your life insurance policy from us here at Cobos Insurance or another trusted insurance advisor years ago, months ago, or maybe you are currently in the market to purchase your first life insurance policy. READ MORE >>

Target: 110,000,000 Customers affected  JPMorgan: $100,000,000 lost  Home Depot: $179,000,000 paid in settlements  Swift: $81,000,000 stolen  Anthem: 80,000,000 accounts affected  TJ Maxx: 94,000,000 accounts affected Who’s next? READ MORE >>

  What is your fondest memory of Thanksgiving as a child? Is it the smell of Thanksgiving dinner on the table as you walk into your grandparent's home, shaking the leaves from your shoes? That tasty aroma is a clear sign that dinner is ready to be served; your Aunt's potatoes, your Grandma's stuffing, your mother's apple pie, and your grandpa is getting ready to carve the turkey. READ MORE >>

What is a Baby Box? You likely have heard of a "baby box" by now, and if you haven't, after reading this blog post you will! Let's start with what exactly a baby box is and who makes them. This is taken directly from the baby box manufacturers site, READ MORE >>

Ohio Flood Insurance We are deeply saddened for all of those families affected by the recent hurricanes and tropical storms throughout the United States and beyond. We have fielded a lot of questions from our current clients recently around flooding in Ohio and flood insurance in Ohio. READ MORE >>

   What does Bob Allen Insurance in Avon Lake have in common with Cobos Insurance Center in Elyria? More than you might think! Both independent insurance agencies have served their local communities for many years and as of September 1, 2017 both agencies will be guided by the sage leadership of Bob Cobos, who has been a resident of Avon Lake for 35 years. READ MORE >>

Can Live Streaming video help you and your organization? The short answer is Yes! What is live streaming? According to, "Live streaming refers to online streaming media simultaneously recorded and broadcast in real time to the viewer. It is often simply referred to as streaming. READ MORE >>

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